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What Is a Personal Injury Claim Really Worth?
What Is a Personal Injury Claim Really Worth?

People often incorrectly assume a personal injury lawsuit is an easy ticket to multi-million dollar damage awards. The reality is not quite so lucrative. Courts do not arbitrarily award damages. Nor are all damages the same. Judges and juries must follow certain guidelines ...

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Blog posts in January, 2015

  • How "Accident Rings" Cost Insurers and Drive Up Premiums

    New York's “no-fault” insurance law was designed to quickly compensate auto accident victims for their legitimate medical expenses and related costs. ...

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  • Courts Take Hands-Off Approach to Arbitration Clauses

    Many business contracts have a clause requiring arbitration of disputes. Arbitration is an alternative to traditional litigation. One or more ...

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  • Distinguishing "Employees" from "Independent Contractors" in Accident Cases

    Under New York law, an employer may be held “vicariously” liable for the acts of his or her employees. That means if you are injured in an automobile ...

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  • Preserving the "Chain of Causation" in Personal Injury Cases

    How you seek medical treatment for an injury following an automobile accident can significantly affect your ability to seek damages from the ...

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  • The Role of Consideration in Contracts

    Written contracts are important when conducting any business—even among family members. While family rivalries often involve personality conflicts and ...

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  • Is New York City Liable for Not Providing Bicycle Helmets?

    “Bicycle sharing” or public bicycle programs have become very popular in U.S. cities in recent years. These public-private partnerships provide ...

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  • The Basics of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

    There are two basic elements to any successful personal injury lawsuit in New York. First you have to prove the defendant was negligent—that is, he or ...

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  • What Happens When a Wrongful Death Victim Can't Speak for Herself?

    When a motor vehicle accident results in the victim's death, his or her heirs may attempt to recover damages through a wrongful death lawsuit against ...

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  • Jewelry Store Left Holding the Bag After Hacker Robbery

    Theft is a problem all New York businesses must contend with. A Brooklyn-based jewelry store recently learned this harsh lesson when thieves made off ...

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