What To Do When You Get Into a Car Accident

Getting into a car accident is one of the most stressful and abrupt events one can experience in a lifetime. Whether jolted when rear-ended or shaken side to side by a side-swipe, a car accident can be a life-altering event. A few things to immediately consider when getting into the unfortunate event:

1) Call for help. Do not move the vehicles until the police arrive, take photos of the accident. If you must move the vehicle because you would be in further danger take photos of the cars before you move them and take a video of the vehicles and walk around all the vehicles videotaping.

2) Report the accident to your local police and obtain the accident report number

3) Obtain the insurance information of the other driver. If possible, take a picture of the insurance card.

4) Get the names and contact information for all witnesses.

5) Look around to see if there are any security cameras in the vicinity which might have gotten a recording of the accident.

6) Even if at the moment you do not think that you are injured, go to your physician immediately some injuries are not apparent right away.

7) If you are injured, you must seek immediate medical attention.

8) Contact our office. Our staff can help you with any questions and negotiate with the insurance company for any property damage. If you are injured our staff can assist you with obtaining the proper forms which need to be completed and sent to the insurance company. Speak with a Hicksville personal injury lawyer today!