Five Reasons to Retain a Small Firm

Hiring a large law firm with hundreds of attorneys and paralegals is not necessarily the key to success in your case(s). A few reasons why you should think twice before retaining a large firm:

1) Localized Knowledge- hiring a small firm situated near you or near the adversary may be the key in utilizing their resources in a localized fashion. Many small firms and solo practitioners make it a point to interact with other local attorneys and court officials who they routinely work with. They tend to know the Court rules, Judge’s rules, and general mannerisms more than attorneys from big firm who do not frequent the Courts that often.

2) Personalized Service- attorneys from small firms tend to be intimately involved with the details of your case. They take the time to understand your goals and issues so that they can effectively guide you to success and solutions. They are available and do not charge for information that may make you comfortable and confident with the process.

3) Efficient Time Management- efficiency of time is essential when being billed by the hour. Big firms tend to have billable hourly requirements for their attorneys which may lead to inefficient utilization of resources. Efficient usage of time saves money, legal fees, and tends to lead to better results.

4) Quality Work- You’ve heard quality is better than quantity. It is no different when hiring an effective law firm. Small firms tend to spend time wisely to construct quality work rather than waste time researching and drafting unnecessary legal pleadings. Small firms routinely understand the goal of their clients rather than the goals of their own firm- they understand that quality work means repeat clients and referrals.

5) Strategic Counseling- Small Firms and Solo Practitioners tend to envision various hurdles to effectively strategize their cases in a more effective way. Big firms utilize their army of billable paralegals and associate attorneys to conduct work in a piecemeal fashion without a proper view to the bigger picture.