Episode 6 Fighting for Your Best Interest

Workplace Bullying: Patterns, Impacts, and Solutions with Linda Crockett

Workplace bullying has many faces. Just as it can manifest in many forms, it also has many ill-effects that doesn’t end when you leave the office. People can be bullied at any age and in any situation. So in this episode, Linda breaks down what workplace bullying really is, how to identify the perpetrators, and what to do if you feel like you're the target.

Linda R. Crockett MSW, RSW, SEP is a workplace bullying expert. Linda completed her master’s degree in Clinical Social Work specializing in workplace harassment and bullying and has been a professional social worker for over 32 years. As a witness and target of Workplace Harassment and Bullying (including mobbing) in her own profession, her career is dedicated to the development of a Centre which provides Education, Intervention, Prevention, and Restorative / Recovery options for Employers and Employees impacted. She completed additional training at the Workplace Bullying Institute in the USA and remains connected and supported as an Alumni member. Linda is an active member of the International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment (IAWBH).

If you’re not sure if you’re a target of workplace bullies, listen to this episode and find out:

  • 00:38 - How and why did Linda dedicate her career to become a workplace bullying expert

  • 05:22 - What is workplace bullying?

  • 10:03 - Who gets bullied, and who does the bullying?

  • 13:49 - What happens when leaders are bullied by their team or subordinates

  • 14:29 - Reasons that drive bullying behaviors

  • 18:08 - The role of the H.R. department in workplace bullying

  • 20:09 - When do negative behaviors become bullying behaviors

  • 21:20 - The emotional, psychological, and physical impact of workplace bullying

  • 24:51 - What are the early warning signs of bullying behaviors?

  • 25:54 - What you need to do when you feel like you’re being bullied at work

  • 29:41 - How can yoga and meditation help with the treatment of trauma

  • 32:15 - What is the distinction between workplace bullying and unlawful harassment and discrimination, and how to navigate it under the law?

  • 36:58 - What is the distinction between workplace bullying and a hostile work environment or a toxic workplace?

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