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Supreme Court to Decide Whether Federal Sex Discrimination Law Protects LGBT Workers
Supreme Court to Decide Whether Federal Sex Discrimination Law Protects LGBT Workers

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers from discriminating against employees or job applicants on the basis of “sex.” Last year, the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals here in New York City held that sex discrimination under Title VII included ...

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  • How Being Treated "Less Well" at Work May Qualify as Employment Discrimination

    Although employment discrimination is prohibited at the federal, state, and city levels, each law is different in its scope and application. In fact, ...

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  • Is a New York City Employer Liable for a Non-Supervisor's Sexual Harassment?

    New York City employers have a duty to identify and address sexual harassment in the workplace. Some employers think this means they only need to ...

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  • Is Firing a Female Employee Over a Topless "Selfie" an Act of Sex Discrimination?

    Sex and gender discrimination in the workplace can take many forms. There is, of course, sexual harassment , and there are cases in which a woman may ...

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  • EEOC Reaches $150,000 Settlement with Bronx Company Over Sexual Harassment Charges

    Sexual harassment is a serious problem in many New York City workplaces. Like other forms of employment discrimination, sexual harassment often ...

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  • What are Your "Due Process" Rights as a Public Employee in New York?

    Civil service laws provide specific due process rights for state employees who may be the subject of disciplinary or termination actions. These rights ...

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  • Social Media Job Post Highlights Fine Line Between "Employee" and "Independent Contractor"

    In the so-called gig economy, many New Yorkers no longer fully appreciate the legal distinction between an “employee” and an “independent contractor.” ...

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  • Can a State Agency Refuse to Hire You Based on a Prior Criminal Conviction?

    New York State law forbids most employers, including state agencies, from refusing to hire a job applicant solely on the basis of a prior criminal ...

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  • What You Need to Know About New York City's New "Lactation Room" Laws

    What You Need to Know About New York City's New “Lactation Room” Laws There are some forms of sex discrimination that are less about overt conduct and ...

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  • Second Circuit Rules Disabled Employees May File "Hostile Work Environment" Claims Under the ADA

    You are probably familiar with the concept of a hostile work environment in relation to sexual harassment law. The basic idea is that if an employee ...

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