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Second Circuit Confirms
Second Circuit Confirms "But-For" Standard in Disability Discrimination Cases

It is against the law for an employer to discriminate against an employee based on a disability. This includes not just hiring decisions but also situations involving the promotion or demotion of an existing employee. When it comes to disability discrimination , the question ...

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Blog posts in Disability Discrimination

  • EEOC Releases Figures on Workplace Discrimination Charges Filed in 2018

    Although you frequently see news reports about individual cases of sexual harassment and other forms of employment discrimination , it is often ...

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  • Can a City Agency Refuse to Hire You Based on a Perceived Disability?

    There are a number of laws on the books designed to protect New Yorkers from disability discrimination . One such law is the Rehabilitation Act of ...

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  • Second Circuit Rules Disabled Employees May File "Hostile Work Environment" Claims Under the ADA

    You are probably familiar with the concept of a hostile work environment in relation to sexual harassment law. The basic idea is that if an employee ...

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  • Do Migraines Qualify as a "Disability" Under the ADA?

    When it comes to disability discrimination , it is important to understand that not every physical or mental limitation a person may have actually ...

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  • What Qualifies as "Disability Discrimination" in New York City?

    What Qualifies as “Disability Discrimination” in New York City? Disability discrimination covers a wide variety of situations where an employer fails ...

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  • Does a College Have to Alter its Educational Program to Accommodate a Disabled Student?

    Disability discrimination is not strictly limited to employment. The Americans with Disabilities (ADA) guarantees access to a wide range of “goods, ...

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  • EEOC Sues New York Hotel for Refusing to Let Employee with Back Problem Sit in a Chair

    Although many New York employers complain about the “unfair” burden of employment discrimination laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ...

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  • Should I Keep Work-Related Emails to Prove My Discrimination Claim?

    Before pursuing a claim for sex or pregnancy discrimination , you need to be careful to maintain any records related to your employment, including the ...

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  • Am I Legally "Disabled" if I Have a Heart Attack?

    There is some confusion about what constitutes disability discrimination in New York. Simply having a serious medical condition does not make you ...

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