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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Workplace Rights
Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Workplace Rights

Everyone by now has heard about the coronavirus. Whether it be through social media, Whatsapp, or the mainstream media, no one really seems to know what it is and how it can be treated. The little we know has become a source of fear and has catered to significant ...

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Blog posts in Disability Discrimination

  • Second Circuit Confirms "But-For" Standard in Disability Discrimination Cases

    It is against the law for an employer to discriminate against an employee based on a disability. This includes not just hiring decisions but also ...

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  • EEOC Releases Figures on Workplace Discrimination Charges Filed in 2018

    Although you frequently see news reports about individual cases of sexual harassment and other forms of employment discrimination, it is often ...

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  • Can a City Agency Refuse to Hire You Based on a Perceived Disability?

    There are a number of laws on the books designed to protect New Yorkers from disability discrimination . One such law is the Rehabilitation Act of ...

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  • Second Circuit Rules Disabled Employees May File "Hostile Work Environment" Claims Under the ADA

    You are probably familiar with the concept of a hostile work environment in relation to sexual harassment law. The basic idea is that if an employee ...

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  • Do Migraines Qualify as a "Disability" Under the ADA?

    When it comes to disability discrimination , it is important to understand that not every physical or mental limitation a person may have actually ...

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  • What Qualifies as "Disability Discrimination" in New York City?

    What Qualifies as “Disability Discrimination” in New York City? Disability discrimination covers a wide variety of situations where an employer fails ...

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  • Does a College Have to Alter its Educational Program to Accommodate a Disabled Student?

    Disability discrimination is not strictly limited to employment. The Americans with Disabilities (ADA) guarantees access to a wide range of “goods, ...

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  • EEOC Sues New York Hotel for Refusing to Let Employee with Back Problem Sit in a Chair

    Although many New York employers complain about the “unfair” burden of employment discrimination laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ...

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  • Should I Keep Work-Related Emails to Prove My Discrimination Claim?

    Before pursuing a claim for sex or pregnancy discrimination , you need to be careful to maintain any records related to your employment, including the ...

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