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Can Public Employees Run for Elected Office?
Can Public Employees Run for Elected Office?

Many elected officials in New York continue to hold outside jobs while in office. This is generally not a major problem if the elected official works for a private employer, but what about a public employer? In other words, can you work for the State of New York while ...

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Blog posts in September, 2018

  • Understanding Employment Discrimination and "Constructive Discharge"

    There are many scenarios in which a person faces such adverse discrimination at work that he or she has no choice but to quit. In such cases, the ...

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  • How do I Prove the Existence of a Hostile Work Environment?

    It is often difficult to prove a hostile work environment claim in the New York courts. There is no universal definition of what precise acts qualify ...

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  • Ex-Sales Manager Accuses Spotify of Gender Discrimination

    Gender discrimination in the workplace often takes the form of implicit or explicit bias on the part of male managers toward female employees. For ...

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  • Federal Court Rules Limos are "Taxicabs" for Purposes of Federal Overtime Exemption

    As a general rule, employees who work more than 40 hours during a given workweek are entitled to 150% of their regular pay–i.e., overtime–for any ...

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  • EEOC Sues N.Y. Manufacturer Over Management's History of Misogynist, Racist Remarks

    Online forums and social media services are filled with people making vulgar, misogynist, and racist comments, but such comments have no place in New ...

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  • First Department Affirms Broad Definition of Marital Status Discrimination

    Last September, we discussed a ruling by a Manhattan Supreme Court judge allowing a unique marital status discrimination lawsuit to proceed to trial. ...

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  • EEOC Sues NY Grocery Store Over Supervisor's Alleged Sexual Harassment

    Everyone knows–or should know–that sexual harassment is illegal, nor are there as many “grey areas” regarding sexual harassment as some folks seem to ...

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  • Will My Employment Discrimination Case be Heard in State or Federal Court?

    If you have been the target of employment discrimination in New York City, you may be able to seek relief under a number of federal, state, and local ...

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  • Sexual Harassment is Not a "Playful" Joke

    Sexual harassment takes many forms. Sometimes a coworker makes inappropriate sexist “jokes” in the office. In other cases, a manager directs sexually ...

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