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Brooklyn Judge Confirms Right of Employees to File Class Actions for
Brooklyn Judge Confirms Right of Employees to File Class Actions for "Liquidated Damages" in Federal Court

In overtime and wage hour cases, New York law provides for the payment of “liquidated damages” to an employee. This is basically an award made in addition to an order to pay any back wages owed to the employee. Under a 2011 amendment to the New York Labor Law, liquidated ...

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Blog posts in July, 2018

  • Dealing with Quid Pro Quo Harassment in New York

    In its most basic form, sexual harassment occurs when an employer proposes a quid pro quo–that is, requests sexual “favors” from an employee or job ...

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  • New York Attorney General Takes on "No-Poach" Restrictions in Fast Food Worker Contracts

    Fast food and other restaurant employees often deal with poor working conditions and low pay. On top of that, many of the country's top fast food ...

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  • Am I Bound by an Employment Arbitration Agreement I Never Received?

    Arbitration agreements are popular with many New York employers who see it as a more effective way of resolving employment-related disputes. From an ...

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  • Should I Keep Work-Related Emails to Prove My Discrimination Claim?

    Before pursuing a claim for sex or pregnancy discrimination , you need to be careful to maintain any records related to your employment, including the ...

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  • Am I Legally "Disabled" if I Have a Heart Attack?

    There is some confusion about what constitutes disability discrimination in New York. Simply having a serious medical condition does not make you ...

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  • The Danger of Arbitration Agreements in Overtime and Wage Hour Cases

    The U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision in Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis reaffirmed the ability of employers to compel employees to sign away their ...

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  • The Continuing Struggle to Classify "Gig Economy" Workers in New York

    One of the biggest ongoing debates in employment law is how to properly classify workers as “employees” or “independent contractors” in the digital ...

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  • Court of Appeals Limits Union Employees' Rights in Section 75 Cases

    Section 75 of the New York Civil Service Law is designed to give public employees the right to challenge potential disciplinary actions against them. ...

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  • What Happens When a New York Employer Simply Ignores Minimum Wage and Overtime Laws?

    New York employers are often defiant when it comes to addressing overtime and wage hour violations . Oftentimes they will throw every legal–and ...

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