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What are My First Amendment Rights as a Government Employee?
What are My First Amendment Rights as a Government Employee?

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees every American's right to freedom of speech. How far does “free speech” extend to statements you make at work? If you work for a state or city agency, for example, can you be fired for making statements with which your ...

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Blog posts in August, 2018

  • EEOC Sues New York Hotel for Refusing to Let Employee with Back Problem Sit in a Chair

    Although many New York employers complain about the “unfair” burden of employment discrimination laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ...

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  • Appeals Court Criticizes Trial Judge for Improperly Dismissing Wage and Hour Case a Week Before Trial

    Many New York workers, and especially immigrants, struggle to receive fair pay from their employers. Federal and state laws impose minimum wage and ...

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  • Judge Allows Ex-Tennis Coach to Continue Sex Discrimination Lawsuit Against SUNY Albany

    Last October, we discussed an interesting sex discrimination lawsuit filed by the former women's tennis team at the State University of New York at ...

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  • How Does the NYC Human Rights Law Protect Me from Sexual Harassment at Work?

    There are multiple layers of legal protections for victims of sexual harassment in New York City. At the top level there is the Civil Rights Act of ...

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  • Can I Sue Someone Who Testifies Against Me at an Employment Arbitration Hearing?

    Many New York civil servants have certain statutory rights in the workplace. For example, a tenured schoolteacher has the right to contest a ...

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  • Manhattan Court Upholds National Origin Discrimination Verdict Against State Agency

    When it comes to race and nationality discrimination , it is critical to distinguish an individual employee from their native country. In other words, ...

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  • What Happens if the State Does Not Believe My Employment Discrimination Claim?

    If you suffer from discrimination in the workplace, you have the right to file a complaint with the New York State Division of Human Rights (NYSDHR). ...

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  • The Role of Collective Bargaining Agreements in Section 75 Cases

    Section 75 of the New York Civil Service Law provides due process rights to certain groups of public employees. If covered by Section 75, an employee ...

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  • Can I be Fired for Requesting a Private Room to Breastfeed at Work?

    Many expectant mothers face pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. Aside from businesses who refuse to hire pregnant women, many employers also do ...

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