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Does New York City Anti-Discrimination Law Apply Outside of the Five Boroughs?
Does New York City Anti-Discrimination Law Apply Outside of the Five Boroughs?

As one of the most diverse cities in the world, New York City has adopted its own local laws designed to combat problems such as race and nationality discrimination . The New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) offers similar–yet in many cases broader–protections against ...

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  • Is an Arbitration Agreement Binding if I do Not Sign it?

    There are many situations in which a claim for employment discrimination or overtime and wage hour violations are subject to a binding arbitration ...

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  • New York State to Increase Threshold for Overtime Exemption on December 31

    New York employers are required to pay overtime to most workers, but there is an important exception for executive and administrative employees–i.e., ...

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  • What is "Collateral Estoppel" and How Does it Affect the Rights of a Fired NYC School Teacher?

    New York education law provides certain legal protections for tenured public school teachers. A teacher can only be fired or disciplined after a ...

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  • Am I Exempt from Overtime Laws if I Receive Compensation on Top of My Base Salary?

    The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes the basic overtime and wage hour rules for employees throughout the country. A key part of these rules ...

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  • The Risks of Representing Yourself in an Employment Discrimination Claim

    Many people attempt to deal with an employment discrimination without first consulting a qualified attorney. This is often a mistake for several ...

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  • Mexican Restaurant Group to Pay U.S. Labor Department $628,000 for Wage Violations

    Overtime and wage hour violations are rampant throughout New York's restaurant industry. Many restaurant workers are deliberately kept in the dark ...

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  • Google Employee Walkout Highlights the Epidemic of Sexual Harassment in NYC

    On November 1, Google employees located in New York City and throughout the country staged a massive walkout to protest the company's handling of ...

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  • What Qualifies as an "Adverse Employment Action" Under Disability Discrimination Law?

    Disability discrimination occurs whenever an employee is the victim of an “adverse employment action” related to his or her impairment. An adverse ...

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  • Addressing Sex and Gender Discrimination in the Hiring Process

    Despite the fact that everyone knows there are laws against gender discrimination , many New York employers still think they can get away with ...

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