Why You Need a Lawyer when Drafting a Business Contract

If you are a business owner, you are acutely aware that one of the pillars of a successful company is a well-drafted contract. While businesses are not required to secure the services of a lawyer, retaining an attorney familiar with contract language can be a smart business decision. Contracts can be tremendously complex and drafting an effective business agreement may require more than a familiarity with employment law and federal regulations. A signed agreement will legally dictate the terms of a business relationship and a knowledgeable attorney can help to ensure that if a breach of contract occurs, your interests are protected.

How a Business Law Attorney Can Help

The success of a contract can be judged by the protections you are afforded in the event that one or more parties violate the terms of an agreement. Part of running a business is anticipating problems before they happen and an attorney can help you to discover each area where a dispute or violation is likely to occur. Contracts should provide instructions and protocols dictating exactly what is to happen in the event of a disagreement or violation. Poorly phrased or vague instructions can lead to legal issues and reviewing agreements with an attorney can help to prevent problems down the road.

Business relationships can be affected by what is included in a contract as well as what is left out. In the event that a dispute occurs, there can be no room for interpretation. Do not rely on implied language or trust that the other party will keep their word. Contract language must outline the precise terms of a business agreement. When disputes arise, you will want to ensure that the contract language is crystal clear.

We understand that many business agreements happen over a business lunch or cocktail hour, however, business owners should not solely rely on a verbal agreement. Items which are not explicitly stated in a contract may be open to legal interpretation. To ensure both business relationships remain in good standing, a clear and concisely written contract can cover the interests of all involved parties.

Skilled Business Law Attorneys

While it is critical to familiarize yourself with successful contract writing practices, enlisting the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney can ensure that your interests are protected in the event of a business dispute. If you are in the process of drafting a business contract, Nisar & Mason, P.C. can help. Our New York business law attorneys strive to assist our clients in resolving disputes out of court, but in the event that litigation is inevitable, we can bring more than two decades of legal experience to your corner.

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