Attorney Mahir Nisar Defends Animal Rights Activist in Bizarre Rabbit Hoarder Lawsuit

On Friday, April 3, animal rights activist Natalie Reeves had just exited the arraignment of Dorota Trec—a rabbit hoarder that Reeves helped bring to justice—when a stack of papers was thrown into her arms by a man with the words “You’ve been served!” Reading through the paperwork, Reeves found that she’d been served a $2 billion lawsuit by the angry rabbit hoarder.

“Happy Easter to me!” the New York Post reports Reeves as saying. “This is not what I wanted the Easter Bunny to bring me in his basket.”

Mahir S. Nisar, founder of Nisar & Mason, P.C., is a seasoned New York litigator and has been retained as Natalie Reeves’ defense attorney for this case.

Dorota Trec was charged with two counts of animal cruelty after 176 abused, ill, and malnourished rabbits were found being inhumanely hoarded in her house, her basement, and a filthy junkyard. The NYPD raided her property in January and took away the rabbits. Trec was arrested in March.

To date, the city of Brooklyn has over 170 rabbits in custody and has spent over $40,000 for their care. The Assistant District Attorney told Trec she must pay the city for this care or sign over ownership of the rabbits to the city. Trec also faces up to a year in jail for her animal cruelty charges.

The angry bunny hoarder then filed a bizarre lawsuit for $2 billion against Natalie Reeves, the NYPD, the ASPCA, and Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson. She accuses Reeves of wrongful arrest, trespassing, defamation, harassment, and wrongful seizure. The lawsuit also accuses all defendants of “loss of reputation, shame, mortification and hurt feelings [and] temporary loss of rabbits” says the New York Post article.

Attorney Nisar will be defending Natalie Reeves, who reportedly warned parents not to buy bunnies for their children for Easter unless they could provide proper care for the animals. “Otherwise you could end up with a situation like this, with rabbits living like trash in a junkyard,” Reeves said.

Natalie Reeves is the founder of Big Apple Bunnies, whose mission is “to help rabbits everywhere, with a special focus on bunnies in the New York City area… [and] to help find forever homes and foster families for the many precious homeless bunnies in the New York area.”