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You Cannot Cancel a Contract Based On Your Own B
You Cannot Cancel a Contract Based On Your Own B

When a contract breach happens the other, non-breaching party to the agreement has the option of going to court to get compensation for the incomplete contract. When a contract is breached, your options in court are to either ask for the contract to be enforced or to be ...

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Blog posts in May, 2013

  • Financing Clauses in NY Real Estate Contracts

    A breach of contract occurs when one party does not complete his or her requirements under a contract. Sometimes these issue may be worked out between ...

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  • Did You Read Your Contract Correctly

    To bring a successful breach of contract claim, you have to understand the contract as a whole as well as what is explicitly expected of each party to ...

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  • Not All Contracts Are Fair

    Breach of contract cases occur when one party to the contract believes another party did not do as required under the contract. Sometimes the parties ...

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  • Who Really Breached the Contract

    You may consider suing for breach of contract if you believe another party to your contract did not behave as required of them under the contract. ...

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  • How Long Is Too Long To Wait To Litigate

    You may have a breach of contract claim if you believe a party to your contract has not completed his or her part as expected. However, knowing when ...

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  • Do You Want This Contract To Last

    Contracts are entered into with the best intentions and with an expectation that all parties will fulfill their part of the deal. This, however, does ...

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  • Agreements Have To End Sometime

    Agreements are entered into for a variety of reasons. At a minimum, most agreements record the rights and obligations of each party. After that, how ...

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  • Can You Breach a Contract You Never Agreed To

    Can You Breach a Contract You Never Agreed to? The old saying is "it's all fair in love and war," but should the same apply to business? Businesses ...

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