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New York Business Attorney

Strategic, Confident and Fierce Results-Oriented Business Lawyer in New York

The Law Firm of Mahir S. Nisar, P.C. provides superior business law representation to clients in the state of New York. Our team of legal professionals has the experience, knowledge and dedication to guide our clients from the outset in preventing situations that result in litigation. We are a small firm devoted to result-oriented services that generate profit without incurring excessive legal fees. Clients can trust in legal services which provide a stable basis for expansion and future sustainability. When your business demands legal products with strong, high quality customer service and strategic positioning whether in negotiations or litigation, you need the services of a New York business attorney who focuses on developing sustainable relationships with his clients with an eye toward their future prosperity.

We challenge ourselves to research the issues and understand the law as it pertains to your specific circumstances and requirements. Our skilled legal team can assist you in a wide variety of business law, business litigation and commercial matters, including commercial arbitration, breach of contract, business, corporate and partnership disputes, business dissolutions or business torts. When a change of ownership or business structure may be contemplated, we can assist our clients to plan ahead, and thereby avoid costly litigation and potential unpleasant consequences. Contract negotiations and disputes can be costly. You can count on our firm to draft superior instruments for ease of negotiations which avoid potential disputes. Non-payment of money owed your business, can check its growth. When goods or services not paid for in a timely manner seriously threatens your bottom line, we can help implement diligent collection strategies and services.

In mitigating any negative consequence associated with a case involving your property, it is vital to hire an attorney who is fully versatile in the law concerning commercial landlord rights and responsibilities. In the case of commercial landlord tenant litigation, it is vital to retain an attorney aggressive and confident in court. Whether you are a contractor, developer or a commercial landlord owner, we are dedicated in helping you with issues potentially calling for construction litigation.

No matter the business in which you are involved, we may be able to assist you as general corporate counsel. Our firm is always current on business law associated with corporate transactions, and has valuable experience in the following areas:

Business Litigation Attorney in New York

We have the resources to resolve even the most complex legal matters. Further, we maintain strong, strategic alliances upon whom we call to support your case as required. While you certainly don't need an attorney for every step of running your business, you may face situations as your business grows, where retaining a competent business attorney is the wisest move. As in a game of chess, a business owner must keep in mind the potential moves and positions of his opponent or competition and how these affect his or her business health and expansion. Confronting more complex, and, therefore, time-consuming problems of business, especially those with liability questions, it is in your best interests to engage a strategist with a deep understanding of business, commercial or corporate transactions law.

For the highest potential for a big win in the game of business, contact a New York business attorney from the Law Offices of Mahir S. Nisar, P.C. today!

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